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Types of Services

1. Consulting & Customer services.

2. Trunkey Construction.

3. Supply & Erection.
4. Erection
1. Consulting & Customer services: “SRK Engineering Solution” is a consultancy farm, specialized in Electrical & Fire management System design, installation, testing & commissioning works, as well as Civil & Mechanical project also. We will provide total solutions of Project design & Preparation of drawings, Procedure of installation, and Total materials calculation of the project.
2. Trunkey Construction:  “SRK Engineering Solution” team will manage your project from start to finish.  When we handover key to your new project, we will make sure that, you are completely satisfy with our works.
3. Supply & Erection: If you need new structure build and want sourcing & erection handled by the experts, we are your crew. Supply & Erection is our responsibility.
4. Erection: “SRK Engineering Solution” is solely responsible for the Procedure, Specifications, Methods, Techniques and Sequence of construction. As erector we ensure that erection is in conjunctional with the erection drawings provided for the project.