Commercial, Residential & Industrial facilities

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All types of Electrical wiring for Commercial, Residential & Industrial facilities.

Interior Design & Installation for any types Office, Commercial centre, Industrial  facilities or Residential flat.

Fire fighting system, Fire control and monitoring system installation for any Factory, Process plant, Market, Hospital, or any other Commercial Building.

• Substation Unit Supply & Installation.

• Generator set Supply & Installation.

• Elevator & Escalator supply and Installation.

CCTV & Digital security system supply & installation.

ISP & Networking system installation.  

• High, Medium and Low voltage Transformers and Electrical components installation.

• Power Distribution line Installation.

Industrial wiring & Cable tray installation.                 

Construction of complete E & I station with major components, such as, Pad mounted or Pole mounted Transformer, Switch rack,  Power panels, Lighting panels, ESP skid, various types of Circuit breaker, Rack mounted transformer, Rectifier and junction boxes installation.

11 KV, 13.8KV or 33 KV Overhead Power distribution lines construction. Pole Framing, Erection, Concreting work for steel Poles and Anchors foundations, Stringing, Sagging, Clipping and Armoring etc.

High voltage Underground Power Cable and Low voltage Power cable installation, Splicing, Termination and functional test of the cables as per client standard, procedures and specifications, based on Cable and conduit schedule.

Cathodic Protection system Installation for Oil wells / Gas wells / PDHMS / Plant facilities (Plant wide).  Deep/Surface/Distribution Anode hole (250 mm diameter & up to 120 meters depth) drilling, TA4 or TA5 Anode installation (Impressed current CP system). Magnesium Anode (Sacrificial Current CP system), RMU system, Solar panel, Soil corrosion probe, CP Coupon,  Bonding Box, Soil access box, 1/2/3 pin Test station installation as per client requirement.

• Installation of all field instruments with associated control systems. Conduits and supports as per conduit and riser diagram, field JB conduits installation and cable pulling activities, Water cut monitor installation, tubing of field instruments such as transmitters(Pressure TX, Temperature TX, Level TX, Flow TX) Pressure Gauge and Thermo well.